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"The Tales of Trymyll"

A series of books following the lives and adventures of Tom and others in the land of Trymyll. Book 1 to be published in Paperback, E-Pub sometime in 2020

Book 1. Thomas, Wizard's Son.

Book 2. Jonathan, Dragonmaster.

Book 3. Flintock, Africa's King.

Book 4 Llewellyn,

Book 5 Gwen,

Book 6

Book 7

Book titles may change as the series progresses. But the themes will remain the same.

Tom, a gifted boy wizard is the central character. The series plots his adventures in Trymyll with his older brother Jon from his first arrival at the age of thirteen through to him becoming a young adult by the end of the series.

The first book takes us from when Tom, who is from small Welsh village, deserted by his father and brother when he was a baby, enters a cave and is taken through the to the Land of Trymyll. He doesn’t believe in magic or dragons or that wizards exist. He soon learns a different reality. He is taken through the cave by a magical sixty-foot Purple Dragon who used to be his pet dog Howl, a Jack Russel dog. I know, that doesn’t make any sense at all, but it will. In Trymyll, he finds his father and brother. Should he love them, or should he never forgive his Dad for deserting him? The adventures start, magic is disappearing from the Land of Trymyll. Can Tom stop it becoming like our world, a world without magic? An unknown and all-powerful threat called The Master appears. Can they fight this supposedly omnipotent wizard, or will The Master defeat them all?

Welcome to the Land of Trymyll

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